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Name Three Goals You Have Before The Year Ends?

We are well and truly in to the later part of the calendar year for most of us, so with that in mind.

What are three things you want to achieve/finish before the year is out?

Here's my three

  1. Get 10 more videos up on YouTube teaching something.
  2. Complete the transition of my WordPress site to the Gatsby version
  3. Complete at least 5 more photographic artworks and get them up in my portfolio.

So go for it, what you do have? And if you don't them maybe you should so you can hold yourself accountable.

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Andrei Gatej
  1. Perform well at a contest which will take place in a few days. The thing I fear the most is the fact that I’ll have to present my project in front of people.
  2. Contribute to an OS project.
  3. Accumulate projects for my portfolio.
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Peter Witham Author

Nice list. Be sure to report back on how the presentation goes and which OS project you pick!

Thanks for sharing.

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hussein cheayto

2019 will be my learning year.
2020 will be execution year (apply all my skills learned in 2019 to create my own company)
I was able to achieve my 2020 goals in 2019 😀

That's why, I have upgraded my plans and made them much bigger.

In 2019, I should be

1- Learn as much as I can, (invest on myself) (done but never enough)

2- Reach 5000 downloads for my game ( DontBlink

3- Reach 1K followers on dev

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Peter Witham Author

Congratulations on reaching your goals early, that is always a good win to have!

I think investing in ourselves is one of the best things we can do, and something often overlooked, so well done on recognizing that and acting on it.

The best of luck on reaching the download goal, keep promoting and aim for the win :)

I'm betting you can make 1k with dedication and hanging in there.

Thanks for sharing.