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Archipelago v3 is out!

Archipelago is a terminal inspired by Hyper. I started using Hyper as my default terminal while it was in beta and into v1. It was by far the coolest, best looking, minimal, and extensible terminal emulator I had used. But, I found it to be really slow, to the point where if I was going to run a command that I knew would have a lot of output, I would opt for using a different terminal. Along with that, occasionally buffers would overlap making the terminal unreadable and force me to restart.

At the time Hyper was using Hterm which was the culprit of all my issues, but then I heard about the the Xterm.js project which was being used by SourceLair and Microsoft was using it inside of VSCode. Xterm.js solved all the problems I had encountered so a little over a year ago I started making Archipelago. Some of the stand out features include:

  • Tabs (You can also disable tabs if you use a multiplexer like TMUX exclusively)
  • Panes that can be split and resized
  • Cross platform (macOS, Linux, and Windows)
  • Theming which can be saved to a profile
  • Easy setting configuration
  • Searching through the scroll-back
  • A visor window that can be called from anywhere
  • A suite of system tests


Visit to see more gifs or download now to give it a shot!

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