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Discussion: SPA v SPA. When do you use each?

Hey folks, I can't quite wrap my head around when to build an app as an SPA and when it's better to use an SSR framework like Next.js or Nuxt.js.

If we take Gmail as an example, which approach would be the best to use for building an app like that where all of the content is private?

Guide me! Why would you use one pattern over another; state the reasons behind your choices.

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Muphet • Edited on

SPA. because title didn't let me choose otherwise.

SPA = SEO is hard
SSR = SEO is easy

do you need SEO? No? then don't bother with SSR.
in nuxt, ssr page will become spa for user anyway, you will just save yourself a lot of hussle with settings things up and gazilion errors by starting with spa and not ssr.