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what should be your career path on an Agile Team after becoming senior full stack Dev, and you have 30 years old?

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I became project manager for 1 year, but I returned to development because was what passionate me, but now I have a carrer path dilema, and in my company there is no technical lead because they believe in self organization

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Contracting/consulting might be something for you to look at, especially if you have a higher demand skill and/or have the flexibility to travel. This can keep you in developing new code, each with different challenges, and often on or near the cutting edge. As 'the outside expert' your ideas are often given more consideration by management.

The downside of contract consulting is that it can cause family issues due to the lack of stability and time away. In poorly functioning organizations, your work may be passively-aggressively sabotaged by resentful employees. Plus, if you want to move back into the permanent employment area some companies might refuse to even consider you.


I infer from your question that from a developer perspective, at your current company, you don't have the kind of influence that you would like to have.

If that is the case, given your seniority you might be able to get such a position at another company.

But it makes me wonder. How would the situation improve if you were 'Lead developer'?

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