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My First Month At My New Tech Startup Job

So last month, I started a new role at a tech startup. I've been admiring this company for quite sometime so I'm pumped! that I was given the opportunity to help support the company, product and overall team. I love it so far!
My past involved Media Production: Animation but I've always had a passion for tech and startups. It's why I minored in Computer Science in College, along with my Major: Media Production - Animation.
Although, like the millions of other students, my life went a little differently. After college I was given the opportunity to join a family real estate firm which I took (I needed a job after all). Although, this was a blessing. I say this because it enabled me to learn more about how businesses run, how they operate and taught me the value of customer service. In addition, it allowed me to further develop my love for technology by becoming a master of the CRM platform the company utilized.
However, during this time I still felt that itch to learn to code and to join a tech startup. So in the Summer of 2018, that's what I did.
I gave my notice in June, and headed to General Assembly, where I learned the in's and out's of HTML/CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. It was awesome! It was everything I could have asked for, and it taught me so much and enlightened me on the way's of a developer.
After my time with GA I spent a few months looking for a role within a tech startup. It took a while, but I finally found where I feel like I can belong, and the company I am with now is simply fascinating. No other words can describe my love for the people, the culture and the product. Although I have only been here a month, I truly feel like I'm home with this company. My opinions are valued, my idea's are valued, my prior skillset and experiences are valued.They even encourage career and skillset improvement. They want their employee's to learn. Because in the end, if an employee learns a new skillset, it can only help the company scale right?
I can't thank this company enough to entrusting me with their product and working with their clients in a tech support role. I simply love it.
My next adventure is to learn Python, which I am pumped for and I can only hope it will help the company scale even further.

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