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PHP and cigars
PHP and cigars

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Is it possible to code without drugs?

I have a question for you all? Is it possible to code totally straight edge? I drink energy drinks to keep my concentration for eight hours a day? Do you even know somebody who is able to code without any drugs? No nicotine, no caffeine, no worse?

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I do. Me. The secret is that I don't actually code for eight hours. I take breaks.

Have you heard about the pomodoro tecnique? That's what I do.

I sometimes use this tool: gone.

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Gabriele Cimato

No nicotine, no caffeine, nothing! As Heiker mentioned you need to balance your working hours with breaks. Working 8 hours straight is not good for you and it's been shown that taking breaks is absolutely beneficial to your sanity and your productivity!

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PHP and cigars Author

I have breaks. Nobody codes for eight ours straight.

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I smoke, I drink coffee, energy drinks and basically anything that has caffein in it. It's not because I can't concentrate but I just like my day more with these additional elements. It's definitely bad for my health but hey, so is spending 8-15 hours a day starring at a computer screen.

morales_eze profile image

I used to drink four cups of coffee and energy drinks sometimes. I started taking care of my sleep and mood and I'm in 2 - 3 cups of coffee and 0 energy drinks.
It's hard to stay 'clean' tho. Specially on rough days, when the body begs for coffee and cigars.

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Giuseppe Vetri

I got distracted. What I do is block all notifications (Slack included). I downloaded an app called blocksite which blocks my social media apps; I tend to grab my phone an open Twitter without realizing and finally doing some exercise at the end of the day, having a good diet and sleeping more than 7 hours :)

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I haven't had a cup of coffee in 5 years, but I'm not going to pretend like I concentrate for 8 hour straight since I'm currently writing this comment instead of working.

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