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Arcology Roguelike Lifestream E5

Episode 5: Procedural Generation

In this video I build on the Procedural Generation algorithm discussed in the previous video.

I start with a bit of Game and Art Design, exploring the idea of the game having levels or floors that are separated from the other floors or levels in the game. To implement this visually I add a very basic "scaffold" effect.

I look at ways to get better coverage of the entire level with Rooms.

I also attempt a solution to prevent rooms from overlapping. The code works, but the generated levels lack play-ability. In this instance Game Mechanics trump the correctness of the algorithm.

I also add some code to ensure our level always has one entrance, and finally, I add random rotations to placed Room Templates.

I might not look like a major difference (if you just glance at the thumbnails) but there is major progress being made towards playable levels, which will allow for much easier testing of combat mechanics, unit balance and various other Game Design Aspects.

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