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Unrolled: Introducing the Pika REPL

fredkschott profile image Fred K. Schott ・1 min read

Today we launched the new rewrite of pika.dev, which included a new Package REPL for the package view page. This was just announced on Twitter, but I figured I'd unroll and repost the entire thread here quickly for anyone interested.

You can read our entire release thread including all of todays releases here: https://twitter.com/pikapkg/status/1158765492191911936

What's a Package REPL? Keep reading to find out...

GitHub logo PolymerLabs / ristretto

An extensible test runner β˜•οΈ

🚨 PROJECT STATUS: EXPERIMENTAL 🚨This product is in the Experimentation phase. Someone on the team thinks it’s an idea worth exploring, but it may not go any further than this. Use at your own risk.


Ristretto is an extensible test runner.

There are several established test runners in the JavaScript ecosystem (Mocha, Jasmine and Jest to name a few of the more prominent ones). Ristretto was created to address a feature sweet spot left unaddressed by incumbent projects.

Ristretto has the following qualities:

  • Simple, concise, class-based factorization
  • Consumable as modules with browser-compatible path specifiers OOB
  • Batteries included for the most popular testing syntaxes (BDD/TDD)
  • Designed for extensibility (mixins, specialized reporters and a spec-as-data-structure philosophy)
  • Ships with mixins that enhance specs with powerful features (e.g., fixtures and test isolation)
  • Authored in TypeScript
  • No build tooling required to use
  • "JavaScript is the native language, The Web is the…

BONUS: Curious about how a package works after using it in the REPL?


* https://www.pika.dev - npm search for web developers * https://github.com/pikapkg/web - Build better web apps with less tooling. * https://github.com/pikapkg/pack - Create npm packages without the mess.


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