Alternative tool for website monitoring.

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After-hours, with a group of friends, we've created a free website monitoring tool, which you may find handy in your everyday work:


We'd be very grateful for opinions from experts like you, all WebDevs of dev.to.

The system can help you to monitor your server/website availability so you can act ASAP and avoid unpleasant consequences of downtime.

Hope you'll find it helpful in your everyday work. If you like it (or not - then constructive criticism is more than welcome!), let us know your thoughts at contact@cula.io

Wishing you great Monday folks!

Best, Peter

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In italy is a bit funny for the name :D
But the website is really beautiful!


We know! It was too late for us to make a change so I guess it has to stay like that :D


It would be nice if the faq items extend when pressing the block, and not just the text, a tiny detail. πŸ™‚


Are you planning to create an addon for Heroku? I found it’s usually the easiest way to try this kind of service.


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