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Dear all,

I’m Raffaele Pizzari, a Front-End developer based in Munich, Germany.

I founded a community called CodeJourneys.
I started it as shared space for my mentees. I was and am still offering free mentorship to some junior developers and I thought it could be useful to have a Slack channel where to share relevant information.

The little community has grown faster than expected and a lot of amazing people have joined us and some of them are helping me with the communication and the educational aspects.

I would like in future to work full-time on the community and produce and offer free educational resources like live sessions, mentorship programs, tutorials and most importantly a place where coders from all over the world can find help and support.

I would like to invite all the people who need support or who can offer support to join this community.

We have a slack channel:
We have a site:
We have a Twitter account:
We have an Instagram account:

Do you want to know more about us? :)


As you know, most of the people are learning to code by theirselves – maybe you as well. There are a bunch of available free and paid resources on the internet that offer amazing and informative tutorials, video courses, exercises etc. We love them, too. But what we love more: to share and support. The majority of these courses do not offer mentoring or available support, so the learning process can become lonely and sometimes boring. Not getting feedback and answers to your questions can cause disappointment and discouragement, and this is where we want to pop in the picture!


We are a bunch of friendly people who are supporting each other along the way. All of us are learners, from newbies to experienced developers.
Our mission is to inspire everyone to succeed in technology careers. Coding is fun, sharing is caring, support is everything!


No matter where you're learning, where you come from. We try to optimise our platform for your needs. Joining us you can: attend the weekly live coding sessions; ask for feedback / help anytime; review others codes; be a mentee or mentor.


Web believe that the education is a basic human right for all and is important for everyone to make the most of their lives.

We believe that supporting a community enrich your life and connect you to people and ideas that will positively impact your perspective for the rest of your life.

We believe in the value of sharing knowledge.

In our community members care about others, encourage their achievements, and support them when they need assistance.


If you feel like we are talking exactly to you, we are happy to welcome you!

Join us on Slack:

Check our agenda:

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