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React, Reactive Microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL & gRPC - Appwish - Fullstack Tutorial Series & Opensource Project Update #1

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on the project.

I did not expect so many people willing to contribute - we got over 60 people on Slack channel at the moment!

If you have not read the previous post in this series I'll give you some context with a short quote that describes the high-level overview of the platform we build:

Appwish - a platform where people can express their app wishes (e.g. "I wish I had an app for X and Y") and vote up other people's great ideas.

Developers can use Appwish to keep track of the most wanted apps and features. They can assign themselves to projects, create dev teams and collaborate to fulfil people's needs.

In the future, the platform could also introduce elements of fund-
raising or voluntary donations for the most appreciated developers and teams.

We are still on stage of planning the features/architecture of the platform - you can track the progress of planning here:

Those two still evolve thanks to suggestions of the contributors.

We are planning to use React for UI(with SSR), React Native for mobile, GraphQL + gRPC for communication and mainly reactive Vert.x on the backend - if you want to join us and learn some stuff by actually doing things, join us on the Slack channel:

Thanks for reading!

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