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Looking for an open source project that uses Rails + CircleCI

Seeking: An open-source project built with Rails, using CircleCI, that would be interested in being set up with a dual boot for an upgrade. This setup would be complimentary, to be used in demo content!

The team at Planet Argon is looking for an open source project that uses CircleCI that would be interested in upgrading their application using a dual boot method in the future. You don't have to be ready for an upgrade right now, as this would set you up for success when you decide to upgrade.

Do you know any open source projects that might fit the bill? Have any leads to direct me to? Drop 'em in a reply below!


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Frank Blaauw

We have a project called u-can-act. It's a questionnaire protocol engine. Check it out at It's a rails project and it uses circleci

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