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Three Reasons You Should Join the Tour de Tech

The Pluralsight Tour De Tech is a free event that helps developers evaluate and improve their skills while getting the chance to win some awesome prizes!

It's happening right now, and you can sign up for free, even if you aren't a Pluralsight customer!!

What It Is

Tour de Tech is a three-week race to improve your tech skills, with staged challenges and awesome prizes. Here's a video I made talking about it in detail. It's a cool challenge and a great way to win some cool stuff.

1. You Can Assess Your Own Skills

Take a SkillIQ

To start the contest, you simply need to take a Skill IQ right now. A skill IQ is a quick quiz that assesses your knowledge of a single topic, such as:

How do you match up? It's good to measure your skills. You can see what "soft spots" exist in your knowledge, and see how you stack up. You could be a lot more knowledgeable than you think about a skill as well.

Measuring your skills as a developer is crucial.

If you take at least one of these tests (it only takes a minute) not only can you find out how well you rank on a particular skill, but you'll be entered to win some cool prizes, such as a t-shirt, muff, and stickers!

2. You Can Learn New Skills

Video of a Pluralsight Course

For phase 2 of the competition (Friday, July 24 - Thursday, July 30) the only thing you need to enter is to watch at least 2 hours of courses. So if you didn't get the SkillIQ score you hoped for, here's a chance to boost it back up!

Note: If you're not a Pluralsight customer, you can still participate! Join the challenge and get access to 100 courses for free!!

Two hours of course learning can put you well on a path to success

You only need to take two hours to enter the contest, and this is more than enough to get your feet with a variety of skills and technologies. Have something you've always wanted to learn? Now's the time!

Finish this phase of the challenge, and you'll be entered to win one of five Apple Watches!

3. You Can Find out How Well You Know Your Role

RoleIQ Screen

The third phase of the challenge is to take a RoleIQ assessment. This is a simple assessment to see how much you know about a particular role, such as:

And many more! It's similar to a SkillIQ, although you'll be finding where you rank on several skills related to a particular role.

Finding out exactly where you stand with a role helps you get better at your job, or find a new one!

By completing this, you'll be entered to win a Specialized Road bike or a Peleton! Yes really!!


So with a small investment of time, you can be entered to win some cool prizes. As a developer, you should start right now because you'll:

  • Learn where you rank in particular skills
  • Build new skills
  • Learn where you stand with a specific role

You'll get a chance to win some awesome prizes while doing it. So sign up now! The contest is already rolling and ends August 6th.

If you participate in this let me know, I'd love to see how people are participating in this!! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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