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What's happening in Tech: January 3rd

Things were a little slow because of the holidays, but there were still some things happening in tech. Here's what happened this week:

New Stuff

2019 was an innovative year for tech and 2020 will be even better. Here are 20 predictions about software development trends for 2020. Expect to see more development in cloud infrastructure, AI/ML, No code software and more. 

Forrester, an established thought leader in tech, also made some bold predictions about no-code software recently, and it's a topic worth discussing. 

Henry Coles, creator of Pitest writes about saving a half a million dollars with a single character code change, it's an interesting story with some useful code snippets in it. 

Food for Thought

Sumit Khanna wrote an interesting article comparing microservices architecture with biological systems. It provides an interesting abstract look at microservices architecture and how it might relate to biology.


Cloud infrastructure is changing and 2020 is shaping up to be a year where we double down on things that worked in 2019.

Read more about eWeek's cloud predictions for 2020


ITProPortal released Six DevOps Predictions for 2020 that's worth a read. 


Want to know where AI is going in 2020? This article, in this article some top minds in AI talk about where things are headed with AI for 2020. A fantastic read. 

Security / Privacy

There's a high focus on improving your SDLC these days but sometimes security can be an afterthought. Patricia Johnson writes how to secure your SDLC and it gives actionable advice for examining and planning your process. 

In this article experts from Synopsys talk about their predictions for 2020, with some security-minded predictions worth reading. 

Have a great weekend!

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