Hacktoberfest in Ecuador

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How am I supporting the open-source collaboration?

Last year, I had the initiative of celebrating a small Hacktoberfest with our teammates. We merged around 28 contributions to open source projects and everyone was happy because our company rewarded them with nice gifts.

For this year we wanted to encourage the Ecuadorian community to support open source projects by creating a one-month agenda full of talks, catch-ups, communication channels, and prizes. We called it Stacktoberfest! Fingers crossed 🤞 for the open-source projects to get a lot of contributions.

Sadly, there are communities that cheer their members to contribute their own repos and give them stars, which are not open source projects (e.g. their website's readmes 😒). Let's remember that open source is a way to reuse, modify, and redistribute code.

Anyways, this is an open call to end spam and do true contributions. Don't do it (only) for the shirt. And remember, you can opt to plant a tree. Check this cool article:

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