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What Miles Davis can teach software developers

There are people who believe in God because of hearing Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. Miles was one of the by far most influential Jazz musicians of the 20th century, and his Kind of Blue record is widely considered one of the best Jazz albums ever created. However, if you listen to it, it's got no complexity, few if any advanced sections, and in fact its defining quality is its "lack of noise" in between the amazingly beautiful tiny and shimmering tones created by Miles trumpet. If you listen carefully, it's even got the occasional "error" here and there, almost as if Miles didn't want for it to be perfect, which makes it fragile, honest, and so close you feel as if you can touch his soul when you're listening to it.

Music is what happens in between the noise

The above is a direct Miles quote, and by that he meant that to create Magic in music, you had to give room to breath to your audience.

What's this got to do with software?

It implies you don't have to be brilliant all the time, you don't always have to create amazing sections of code, and you can give room for others to breadth and thrive - And as you do, this gives room for Magic to unfold. Pun! ;)

Be like Miles, make less noise, give room to breath, and let the Magic unfold. I am no Miles Davis, but I dabble with my Saxophone every now and then, and when I do, I hope to be at least 1% of what Miles was when he was around. If you want to hear me playing, you can watch the video below where I'm playing an old classic.

Thank you for reading. Now go create some Magic.

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