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Cheapest and best VPS for value

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Virtual Private Server aka VPS are getting cheaper and cheaper nowadays and many providers provide very competitive offerings


Hetzner is one of our favorite hostings today and it values a lot for the money. We have used it for quite some time now and the performance that it delivers for its cost doesn't compare with other VPS providers.

For under less than 6 euro, we are getting specifications of 2 vCPU, 2GB of RAM, 40 GB of fast SSD storage, and 20TB of bandwidths which is insanely so much.

By far, this VPS provider has the best offering on the market and the value for the price is worth it. Claim Hetzner 30$ credit

Hetzner Homepage


The second VPS that we would recommend is Vultr and the value is on point. They have different specifications just like Hetzner but with more different specs and configurations that we can choose to.

They are very reliable and have more regions around the globe. Claim Vultr $100 Credit

Vultr Homepage

Closing Note

These VPS are the ones that we both use and recommend.

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