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Icon for bookmark, save...

Many sites have functionality for saving links or articles. You can bookmark tweets, save instagram photos, and of course save articles on DEV to read them later.

Save disk

Couple days ago we've been debating internally about symbol for "SAVE" action on DEV, wondering how many people nowadays actually know what the icon above means. Do you know what it is? Is it too meta or is it actually perfectly on brand? And the most importantly: do you feel old now 👴😆?

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Finn Wright

I am 14 years old (not growing up knowing for most of my life that that symbol referred to a floppy disk), and have seen it and known what it does. There is a reason that there is a floppy disk emoji (💾)

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Vaibhav Khulbe

I use that "SAVE" button to add it to my reading list and yes, it's quite helpful. I had a to-do to read all the saved articles from DEV later.

For that icon, I look it as something by which it would save an item to my computer. It's not related to bookmarking of course. I would recommend choosing something like a bookmark (🔖) icon for saving articles on DEV.

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E Cognito

In 2017 I posted the photo below to my timeline with the caption:

Cleaning out the top shelf of the office cupboard, and throwing away some boxes of old save icons.

Save Icons

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Materialicons has this save_alt icon :

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Wesley Ameling

For me that icon would almost indicate "Download" instead of "Save". Difference is very subtle between the two in my opinion

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