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Regex - tools

working with regex is always painful. most of the time developers end up in copy pasting regular expressions from stack-overflow or other sites. Although this satisfies the needs of most common requirements, it is good to have an idea of what the regex is doing and testing it.

I find following tools very helpful while working with regular expressions.

  • Any text editor or IDE

most of the modern ides and text editors come with a good regular expression support for searching text.

vs code regex

This is one of my favourite developer tool. Regulex helps to visualize the regular expression

If you want to write, test & play with regex this is a good site. It also has good regex documentation.


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My favorite regex tool is regexr.com/ :)

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Yep, I'm using regexr.com lately. Previously I was using regexpal.com for years before they updated it. Anyway here is my bookmarked list of online regex tools:

I've added regex101.com to the list.

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Some great tools mentioned in this post and the comments!
May I suggest regex.guide, very convenient for beginners?