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Daily reads for .NET and programming

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Technologies are changing, evolving and deprecating every day. One needs to be well versed with the jargon like open-source, architecture, programming model or buzzwords like AI, ML.

To keep yourself updated with these trends, reading and exploring is imperative. When I start my day and before I jump onto my work, I go through some posts, blogs and articles. The internet is flooded with content so here is my recommendation for beginners.

Dew Drop
This is my favorite link and I never miss on reading this one everyday. The best part is that it is regularly updated with great content to explore.

Discover Dot
My second most favorite and an another brilliant web-page to visit daily. A unified place that has new NuGet packages information, blogs, links and videos to go through.

Channel 9
An extensive channel to go through .NET videos.
Obviously, how can I forget :)

The Morning Brew
Another blog post that gets updated on a daily basis is this one. This too has some useful references to go through.

This is my list of top 5 links that I usually follow and read whenever I get time. Also, Twitter is another good source that gives you a lot of content to explore. A great microblogging and social networking service where I follow many tech evangelists.
If there is an amazing data or blog that I am not aware of, feel free to update these in the comments section.

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Michel Renaud

Great post, I'll make sure to check those out.

Not a daily thing (well, sometimes it's almost daily), but Microsoft's .NET blog is a good way to stay up to date on new official .NET releases (preview or final). I just keep it around on a start page that links to a bunch of RSS feed so I don't forget about it:

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Praneet Nadkar

ah nice! Thanks Michel

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You can also check or