Using EmailValidation in C#

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Using EmailValidation in C

The other day I was working on the email validations, and I came across this beautifully created nuget package called EmailValidation.

So here’s the link to it.

Now, the MSDN blog page has a short list of a few email addresses that can be used to validate this.

I just copied those and checked. This package works great!

So in a case where someone is looking out for this, try this.

static void Main()

var listOfValidEmails = new List<string>

var listOfInvalidEmails = new List<string>
“Joe Smith <email@domain.com>”,
“email@domain.com (Joe Smith)”,

foreach (var email in listOfValidEmails)
Console.WriteLine($”{email} is {(EmailValidator.Validate(email) ? “valid” : “invalid”)}!”);


foreach (var email in listOfInvalidEmails)
Console.WriteLine($”{email} is {(EmailValidator.Validate(email) ? “valid” : “invalid”)}!”);


This is quicker to use like just import a nuget and you are good to go. In my opinion this covers most of the scenarios for email validation.

One interesting thing I wanted to try is using a regex for all these and then try using pattern matching to check two things. One that all the email scenarios are covered and two, which approach is faster.

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