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You may not need the if-else statement😎

This post was originally written on my blog PrateekCodes.

So, today I am going to show you a little simple tip of writing an if statement without using if statement in a shorter way. It's a short, simple and coolest version of IF statement.

This can help you clean up your code a little bit, making it easier to read.

Let's see how if statement works:

An if statement evaluates the test expression inside the parenthesis ()

  • If the test expression is true, statements inside the body of if are executed.
  • If the test expression is false, statements inside the body of if are not executed.

Flow chart of if statement

Let's see the code how we write if statement while writing code ??

Let's see how the if statement code looks like:

        //block of code to be executed if the condition is true

Now let's look at the && operator

The && operator is also known as the logical AND operator. It evaluates operands from left to the right and returns the first falsy value.
flow chart of && operator

  • For each operand or case, && operator converts the value into boolean. If the output is false, it stops the execution and returns the last operand value.
  • If all operands or cases are true, it returns the last operand.
//If the first operand is true,
//return the second operand

alert( 1 && 3 ); // 3

//if the first operand is falsy,
//return first false value,
//and ignore left operands

alert( null && 2 ); // null

So now let's see the shortest way of writing an if statement

Basically, to create your own if statement using && operator, you have to follow this structure

use && operator as if statement

  • (condition) && (some instructions)
  • for example: someVar > someOtherVar && console.log('yeah') This will log 'yeah' if someVar is bigger than someOtherVar. #### Using If statement
var a=60;
var b=21;
    console.log(`${a} is greater than ${b}`);

create if using if statement output

Using && opreator

var a=60;
var b=21;
(a>b)&&(console.log(`${a} is greater than ${b}`))

create if using && opreator output

In this example, we created two if statements. One with the traditional method and the other with the && operator, to check if (a>b) is truthy. As we can see, both cases are logged the same console.

You can also create your own if-else using && and || operator

flow chart of IF ELSE using && and || operator

  • First, write an if condition like (true or false)
  • If the condition is truthy, the operator executes the truth body, and the || (or operator) stops the execution as it found a truthy value. || returns the first truthy false.

  • Else executes when the condition is falsy when using the || operator. The || operator moves to the next operands to find the first truthy value.


create if else using && || opreator

execute by own and create your own if-else statement 😂

((false) && (console.log("execute when condition true")||true))
||console.log("execute when condition false")

Thank you so much for reading my article on You may not need if-else statement! Be sure to follow me on Twitter for lots of tweets about tech. Feel free to comment below or tweet me with any questions you may have.

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jawwad22 profile image

Hi, I try to use work in my app, but i am unable to implement this

for (let index = 0; index < 10; index++) {
        (a==a && b == b) && (return "hello")

give error on return and if i removed return, noting return

prateekarora profile image
Prateek Arora

Hey Jawwad,
Loved to hear that at least you show your interest into this.
But It's not an execution block when the pointer came to check the condition && or || and seeking for true or false and to find boolean they run those instruction. Where we can't return anything.
But if-else consistent execution block we can able to execute our instruction.

Hope you understand or for more DM on Twitter @prateekCodes
Love to answer your query:)