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Programming explained in simple terms

Programming - It is a set of step by step instructions given to the computer to perform a certain task we want it to do.

The computer can perform many complex tasks like complex calculations, software for booking a ticket for a flight, ordering online food from nearby restaurants etc.

Let's create our first program in code IDE

print("Hello, World");
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The output will be Hello World

Let's understand code little by little. print("Hello, World");
this is called a Statement. Every program is made up of statements, and each statement has a goal to do something which is told by a human to perform.

Function - This print() is called function. These are already created terms in programming language and its work is to print something on console as an output.

String - This " " is called a string. In the string whatever text you write will be printed as it is. for example, if you have written the number "9" then the number 9 will be printed in the console as it is. So string function is to print whatever input given by the user as it is.

Parentheses - This () symbol is called parentheses. In () we write instructions to perform with the help of functions like print. It is necessary to write instructions between () to perform the task, if not written then the code will not work.

; - This is used to end the statement of code. In many programs ; is used.

There are many other ways to write print() function in different programming languages like printf() in C, document.write() in JavaScript etc.

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