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Best Visual Studio Code Extensions.

This is how I use the best efficiency of Vs Code. If you are using Vs Code as your IDE then this full blog is for you. It will help you to boost your productivity. Many of you know these extensions already but if you found some new extension that is helpful for you then please give me your reaction. And also if you know any other best extensions of Vs Code then also please suggest their name in the comment.

1:- vscode-icons

vscode-icons ss

  • It doesn't change anything in vs code setting. It just gives you a better visual experience. It shows file icons with bright and sharp colors.
  • It makes very easy to find files and visualize the file and also the type of file.

2:- GitLens

GitLens Ss

  • This is the best Extension that I found helpful for working with Version Control(Git and Github). It will give a lot of feature form out of the box.
  • The best feature of it's. It shows the recent commit message and associated author inside the code editor for the line which you are currently editing.

3:- Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag ss

  • It is a very small in size but a very useful extension for writing HTML documents.
  • It will automatically change the end Tag If you change the starting tag.

4:- Live Server

Live Server ss

  • I use this extension a lot. If you woking on a web-project this will very helpful for you.
  • It automatically updates the browser when you change something in your codeBase and saved.
  • It also makes a server on the computer so, it will also use for server-side languages like Php and Node.

5:- Rainbow Brackets

RainBow Brackets ss

  • It will provide you a beautiful colored code-base and also readable for the humans.
  • It is an amazing time sever.
  • It will simply give color coordination for matching brackets.

This is not the end of Extension list.

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