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What is NODE JS

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Top Companies Using Node Js:

  • UBER
  • NASA
  • EBAY

What is NODE JS?

  • First of all, NODE is NOT(I repeat is NOT) a FRAMEWORK or a PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE.
  • NODE JS is a JAVASCRIPT RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT and it was introduced by Ryan Dahl in 2009. He used the Chrome v8 Engine which is a javascript Engine that converts javaScript Code to Machine Code.
  • It allow Us to Execute JAVASCRIPT outside the BROWSER.
  • NODE JS was written using: JavaScript,CoffeeScript,C++(wiki)

Life Before NODE JS:

  • JavaScript runs only inside the Browser
  • JavaScript was used for FrontEnd developMent only (Animation and Data Validtion).
  • We can't run JavaScript outside the Browser

Life after NODE JS:

  • We can excute JavaScript outside the browser.
  • JavaScript can be used for Backend Development.
  • More job Offer for JavaScript Developers.


  • Super Fast
  • Highly Scalable
  • Used by Top Companies

Real Life examples -

STATS:- Paypal Switched from JAVA to NODE and here are the results:


  • Built almost twice as fast with fewer people.
  • Written in 33% fewer lines of code.
  • Constructed with 40% fewer files.


  • Double the requests per second vs the Java application:

⚠️This is even more interesting because the intial performance results were using a SINGLE core for the node.js application comared to FIVE cores in java🤯.

  • 35% decrease in the average response time for the same page:

💥This resulted in the pages being served 200ms faster (Something Users will definitely notice).


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