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Self-promotion in comments: Spammy / not spammy?

Precious Chicken
freelance software
・1 min read

So I'm reading an interesting how-to post on XYZ on; it's in a field I'm interested in. Someone has commented, "great post, next time maybe cover ABC too?"

So I've written just such a how-to post on XYZ which covers ABC! Do I comment and link? Is this being horrifically self-promoting and spammy? Or is this expected / encouraged within the community?

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Juan F Gonzalez

Well what you could do is in the post that covers ABC, write a comment and tag the person that initially commented wanting to know about said topic. That's a non-spammy way of doing it.

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Precious Chicken Author

Nice compromise.

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Hemant Govekar

I won't mind having a link below my articles which helps extend my article. Nice question.

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I don't think this is spammy. There's certainly a spammy way of doing it, but simply saying it the way you mentioned would, at least for me, be welcomed. No post can cover the entirety of any issue so adding more info and context is (almost) always useful.

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