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Building a desktop app in 2019 using JS.

Hi all,

I'm in the mid-stages of project planning for a new application that I'm planning on committing some serious time to in the new year. At this point I'm relatively comfortable with my choice in developing using Electron and React and have yet to encounter anything that would be preventative to my requirements.

I've always taken the position that a true native app using Swift or Obj-C would be preferable, but my previous attempts to use those languages have looked a little something like this

The main focus for next year will be publishing on 'Mac OS' with 'Windows' being potentially being supported down the road.

For those who have had experience working on and publishing native apps using Electron:

  1. Is there anything you had wish you'd known before you started?
  2. What kind of limitations, if any, have you run into as a result of the app being an electron app rather than a true native app?

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