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Top Java YouTube Channels for Beginners

We were searching for some YouTube channels which provide Java Tutorials. Most of the websites have mentioned channels that do not have enough content. And some do not have them in an organized manner.

So we thought to create a list of best YouTube channels that could actually be used by Beginners for learning Java programming. We skipped the channels that do not have enough content on them and the ones which could not be used to learn Java from the beginning.

The list may be updated later to add on some new ones and the outdated ones will get removed.

Java being one of the most popular programming languages has lots of scope. It has uses in Desktop applications, Mobile Applications, Web Servers, Scientific Applications and more.

And there are is no single resource that could be used to excel in all attributes of Java. You can start learning from the basic ones, practice on things by doing projects and then can move onto the advanced concepts side by side.

So below is the list of those YouTube channels for Java:

1. Derak Banas's Playlist

This is a multi-niche YouTube channel having videos in so many dimensions. You can find videos related to gaming, marketing, web designing and programming too. This Java Playlist is for beginners to start learning Java programming.

2. The New Boston

Similar to the above one, it is also a Multi-Niche YouTube channel having so many niches in total. For Java, they have created different playlists for different levels of expertise. You can find Java tutorials for beginners, intermediates and also some game development tutorials with the help of Java language.

3. Programming With Mosh

We have mentioned this channel so many times in our lists because of the content quality that they deliver. Mosh, the creator has published a complete video tutorial specially for beginners to teach Java programming. The video contains more than 2 hours of content starting from the basic introduction of Java and installation on your machine.


This channel is known for providing free video courses on YouTube. You can get courses for all the major programming languages. And they just create a single video for covering all the topics. There Java tutorial video has got more than 9 hours of video content with all the fundamental concepts of Java covered. You can check the description for the video timeline and skip to the topic you want to learn.

5. Telusko

Telusko is here for years providing tutorials on programming languages. As single course videos are in trend so they updated their old playlist and created a new updated single video for Java. Beginners can start learning right away and can reach up to a level of creating some basic Java projects.

The video has around 7 hours of content and you can move to the channel playlist and videos for further advance topics.

So these were the channels that any beginner can use to start learning Java. We listed only a few so that students should not get confused about choosing one. And we listed five channels because no single can suit all the students.

Hope you find value in these channels and videos. Do share it with someone in need.

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