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10+ Must-Have Healthcare Website Features [2021]

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Health website features may vary, but the desired result for all of them is the same. They exist to make life easier for hospital and clinic patients so that they can keep track of their test results, pay their bills, and so much more. Doctors find them to be equally useful.

Health website features keep getting better and better, and healthcare app trends are a point of focus for any healthcare provider.

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1) Doctor and Staff Directory

If your practice employs several doctors, a directory is a helpful tool to have on your website. Prospective patients will feel more comfortable going into your practice knowing more about their doctor than just their name. You can include information such as where they went to school, specialties, and a short bio alongside a photograph.

2) A Secure Web Presence

First and foremost, you should ensure that your medical website is secure to the standards of the HIPAA Security Rule which provides guidelines for the transmission of electronic patient health information and who has access to that information.


3) Key Products and Services

Be sure to tell your visitors what services you offer. If you offer specialty services in your field, put more emphasis on those services. Not only does it tell your prospective patients what you can or cannot provide but it will help improve your search ranking for those services.

4) Accurate Contact and Location Information

This may seem obvious but having complete contact information for your office or offices is very important. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a phone number or address when you need to make an appointment or find directions.

5) Video Conferencing Features with Telemedicine

One of the more prominent healthcare website innovations is a video conferencing feature of telemedicine solutions. Most healthcare apps have some variation of it these days.


6) Listing Feature

This would be to show a list of search results or to verify that you have successfully set up an appointment at a clinic, hospital, or private practice. Apps for doctors should always have one.

7) Case Studies / Before & After

Testimonials are a great asset to your website along with before and after photos if relevant to your services. Nothing promotes your services better than real results from actual patients.

8) Resources for Current & Prospective Patients

If you’re able to have new patient paperwork available online for download, your prospective patients can feel better prepared before their first visit in addition to reducing check in time. Other resources you can include are links to your patient portal, online bill pay and privacy practices.

9) Clear Calls-to-Action

What do you want visitors to do when they come to your website? Make sure you direct them with clear calls-to-action such as Schedule an Appointment, Find a Doctor, Contact Us, and Tour our Hospital. The Recovery Center of Baton Rouge treats those suffering from addiction and has a very clear “Get Help Now” button on their home page.

10) Blog

Utilize a blog on your site to share industry news, community events and announcements with your visitors. This will keep your site looking fresh and encourage your visitors to come back to see what’s new – whether that be a new procedure that you’re offering, a new doctor, updated office hours or a community event that you will be sponsoring.

11) Payment Processing Feature

One of the features of mHealth that your app shouldn’t be without is a payment processing option. If you provide any paid consultation services in your app, there should be a smooth and secure payment process.

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Thank you so much for sharing these tips here as I have been also working on a medical website. For that work I have hired some website development experts from this site. You features will also help me to make a good website.