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Best GUI App for Python ?

Well, Here is the answer !!
Kivy and KivyMD are the best tools that you can use to develop GUI Application in Python and also they are very easy to use !
You can develop any kind of app using this tool , i mean any kind and same app will run in windows , ios and android. How cool it is .. aah now !
logging off ..

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Ratul Roy

How about beeware? Are they any good?

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Jordan Kalebu

Recently I got a client who wanted a desktop Application, I then thought I will give a try to Beware after everyone kept talking about it.

After trying doing the hello world + some few examples, Loved the interface plus how easily you can produce the MSI Installer for the window.

But when it came to doing the project, I struggled on how to put things together to come up with the interface I wanted so I switched back to Tkinter and do the job

Guess I will give it a try next time