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Try js-smart-table!!

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Hi everyone, today i present you the first library i've created for javascript (front-end/client-side).

Ill give you this link in order to try the demo by yourself.

Basically, tabulates date from an API using javascript and prints it on the browser. Something like this.

What's the interesting of this?

  • Allows you click on the column and sort the data (sorted by the sql motor that use the API)
  • Gives you a pagination of the data
  • Allows you click on the rows and "save on memory" the information (an object with the information of that row). This allows you make another operations (callback) using as reference the data clicked. For instance. You clicked a row and you want to fill a form with that? You can do it! Request to another API? Yeah too. Actually you can do anything.
  • Vanilla JS. You can use it anywhere (i'm using it right now on React and Vanilla projects) or any library/framework of JS.

I hope this can help you when trying to implement this kind of features on your projects. All it's documented,video and with example codes in order to make it understandable for the community.



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