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Ported recent prototype to UI framework

I did some weekend work on my innovation projects, most of which I did not stream, but I figured I'd recap anyway.

What I did stream was writing docs and tests for go-reflected. I got coverage to 90% and in the process fixed some bugs. However, I'm not ready to release it because it's a project that is entirely about the API and I'm still not confident the API won't change. When it is ready to release, though, it'll just need a readme.

Some more interesting work I did off-stream was starting to use my UI framework to port the UI prototype I started recently. That was written with plain old JavaScript and some jQuery libraries. My plan was to isolate the jQuery libraries into components in my UI framework, so they'll still be jQuery but I can interface with them like components.

So far I have the tree view mostly there. The buttons are components, and all the glue and page layout are done with components. I was originally thinking I might have to use Vue to add some structure to this prototype, but since this is already working out, I'm just going to keep pushing on this. It's helping me fix issues in the framework necessary for building real apps, and it's cleaning up the prototype for further development.

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