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Re-adding Vecty support to vtemplates

I did a quick unscheduled stream to add Vecty back to vtemplate since I refactored it into a real library. As expected there were a few things I had to fix, but mostly minor. The new architecture works great. Most of my trouble came from making sure my reflected library was doing reflection correctly. Like I mentioned before, reflection can be tricky.

I rewrote my old Markdown demo prototype to use vtemplate and it works! I was hoping to get slots in so components can use their inner HTML, but I ran out of time. That's next, though, and shouldn't be that difficult. I think after that I can just start wrapping this up into a user friendly web framework, which is its own task. I want to make it easy to load template files living next to the Go file for a component, and rework my dev harness into a proper development server.

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