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9 Powerful UI/UX Tools for Mobile and WebApp UX UI Prototyping

UI and UX tools

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), designers and developers are always left with fresh and unique tools to develop ground-breaking product designs. When bringing forth new ideas, using UI UX tools is definitely a great help to meet your creative requirements.

When it comes to UI-UX design, there are plenty of UI-UX design tools already available in the market that are innovative as well as viable. Finding a prototype and wireframe tool that fits your team's needs, can give your design process the strong foundation it needs. Besides, we all know that an intuitive design coupled with the right mix of internet marketing makes it a real success.

Without any further ado let’s check out the following nine UI and UX design tools that will help you to streamline your designing process from start to finish.

Axure RP 9

Axure RP is a simple yet powerful wireframing and prototyping solution for creating interactive prototypes and wireframes. This tool has been around for a while now and it is known for its effectiveness for evaluating web and mobile applications. The software is armed with powerful features such as the capability to use conditional logic and math functions, work on dynamic content, and apply animations.


  1. You can create interactive prototypes, wireframes, and diagrams.
  2. You can easily drag and drop the elements from the given inbuilt library.
  3. It gives you the freedom to test the prototype on mobile devices
  4. It is also used to create high fidelity results so that the end result can be tested through a realistic prototype.
  5. It works on both MacOS and Windows operating systems.


  1. Monthly plans: Axure RP 9 Pro - 29$ per user - per month, Axure RP 9 Team - 49$ per user - per month
  2. Perpetual plans: Axure RP 9 Pro - 495$ per user, Axure RP 9 Team - 895$ per user

UX Pin

UX Pin is every designer’s one of the favorite wireframe tools because of its flexibility and the ease of use. It is a cloud-based wireframe tool. The main advantage of UXPin is that it allows designers to take their design concepts all the way through the process. It has unique design documentation. You can create everything from wireframe to presentation and gather user feedback.


  1. You can create a robust and interactive wireframe and prototype using UXPin.
  2. The simple drag and drop functionality allows you to drag the icons, custom UI elements and images to enhance a wireframe.
  3. With UXPin you can easily create high-fidelity mockups.
  4. It lets you customize the existing UI elements instantly by altering or adding custom CSS code.
  5. UXPin has over 1000 UI elements for the web, cloud-based, and mobile wireframes.
  6. It works with Windows, iOS, Android operating systems.


  1. Free plan available
  2. Monthly plans: Individual plan - 29$ per month, Enterprise - Contact sales
  3. Annual plans: Individual plan - 23$ per month, Enterprise - Contact sales


Marvel is a cloud-based UX prototype software with mobile support. It enables single or multiple users of varying sizes to create app prototypes within a centralized workspace. The software provides a browser-based environment and design mode. And that helps you to create interface assets and mockups based on imported Sketch or Photoshop compositions.


  1. It gives you the freedom to test your design on any screen size, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Android devices.
  2. Users can send their feedback through comments about your prototype.
  3. You can share your prototypes with developers, clients or stakeholders.
  4. You can present your mockups without internet connectivity.
  5. Its WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop feature is codeless and requires no specialist development knowledge.
  6. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  1. Free plan available
  2. Monthly plans: Pro - $16 / month, Enterprise - Contact sales team
  3. Annual plans: Pro - $12 / month, Enterprise - Contact sales team

Mock Flow

Mock Flow is a suite of applications that are very useful for a number of tasks in the project implementation process. Primarily it is a good alternative prototyping tool for you to use. It's great for working on initial ideas. Mock Flow enables you to build basic layouts quickly that is sometimes all you need to get through into a presentable form.


  1. You can easily drag and drop the elements into the mockup and design a wireframe.
  2. It allows you to choose third-party components, layouts, and templates.
  3. Mock Flow lets you design and access your UI mockups from anywhere in the world.
  4. You can get real-time reviews and feedback from your users.
  5. You can use any custom image for your wireframe along with the images present in the library.
  6. You can export created wireframes to a range of formats.


  1. Free plan available
  2. Monthly plans: Premium - 19$ per month, Business - 89$ per month
  3. Quarterly plans: Premium - 17$ per month, Business - 89$ per month
  4. Half yearly plans: Premium - 16$ per month, Business - 89$ per month
  5. Yearly plans: Premium - 14$ per month, Business - 89$ per month

Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a website and mobile wireframe design tool. It provides an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use platform to create stunning web and mobile prototypes in a matter of minutes. Fluid UI has a number of features including integrated widgets, low and high fidelity settings, collaboration tools, interactive linking and zooming, and cloud access among others. You can make interactive web and mobile prototypes using a few clicks and touch gestures.


  1. You can test your wireframe on any device.
  2. Fluid UI has over 2000 built-in components to choose from.
  3. It offers live video-calling and Skype-chat features to get user feedback.
  4. You can use transitions and animations in your wireframes.
  5. Fluid UI lets you interact with the UI design via different screens such as Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, and various wearables such as Apple watch, Android, and Galaxy wear.
  6. It supports platforms like Android and iOS.


  1. Free forever plan available
  2. Monthly plans: Solo - 15$ per month, Team - 65$ per month
  3. Yearly plans: Solo - 8.25$ per month, Team - 41.58$ per month is a web application platform for creating a fully interactive, high-fidelity mobile application prototype. It allows you to create mobile app screens, apply screen transitions and define touch events for each design element on the screen. It comes with a great number of design elements and UI components for prototyping such as toolbars, navigation bars, tab bars, menus, forms, text, photos, and much more.


  1. It offers you high fidelity interaction experience while working with complex logic and structure.
  2. You can use a lot of mobile gestures, animations, and transitions.
  3. You can speed up your workflow with its ready-to-use templates.
  4. It allows you to test the prototype on mobile devices.
  5. It offers you a sketch import facility and Dropbox synchronization.
  6. supports Mac and Windows operating systems.


  1. 15-day free trial available
  2. Monthly plans: Freelancer - 24$ per month, Corporate - 160$ per month
  3. Annual plans: Freelancer - 24$ per month, Corporate - 160$ per month


InVision is a cloud-based solution for designing wireframes for websites or mobile applications. InVision is considered as an ideal choice for the high-fidelity designs. It provides great prototyping tools and features that enable you to create a fully functional prototype.


  1. With InVision, constructing clickable prototypes from scratch is quick and easy.
  2. The drag-and-drop functionality gives easier access to the images and sketches to move them from one place to another.
  3. It comes with a smooth collaboration facility. You can easily share the link with other designers and get instant feedback.
  4. It supports iOS, Android, and web platforms.


  1. Free plan available
  2. Starter - 15$ per month
  3. Enterprise - Contact sales team

Framer X

Framer X is considered to be one of the most interactive and fast-design UI platforms. It brings all your creative ideas and designs to life. Every graphic you create with Framer is interactive and responsive. Framer X is very fast in actions and bringing the content closer to production.


  1. Framer X allows advanced, high fidelity prototyping and animations.
  2. It has an app store for icons, UI elements, pre-made visuals and code components.
  3. It allows you to code your components and bring in live data.
  4. Framer X offers tools to design scroll, link and page interactions by adding a 3D effect or momentum.
  5. You can create custom UI for every component, and reuse across multiple projects.


  1. Monthly plans: Individual - 15$ per month, Company - Contact sales
  2. Annual plans: Individual - 12$ per month, Company - Contact sales


Figma is relatively new in the world of UI and UX designing tools. From the design team to the people in development, everyone can collaborate together to make sure everybody is on the same plane. This helps make the process much more efficient and productive.


  1. Figma lets you scale your design to fit any screen size by fixing objects to a parent frame.
  2. You can combine any set of shape layers with precision by using union, subtract, intersect, and exclude formulas.
  3. Its 60fps interactive editing brings pixel-perfect previews and exports.
  4. With relative and manual positioning you have full control over where and how overlays appear.


  1. Starter plan - Free
  2. Organization plan - $45 per editor per month

Over to You

These are some of the powerful UI UX design tools for prototyping and designing websites and mobile apps. While choosing the best UI UX software for you or your team, start by considering your goal for the overall design process.

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Thanks for sharing such an informative article on UI/UX tools. The 9 tools that you have mentioned here are currently doing well. These tools will certainly help the developers to design powerful Mobile and WebApp prototypes.

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A good article providing handful of information regarding dealing with UI & UX to make them done better!