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Hi friends, I'm excited to announce to y'all that I'm one of the participants of the HNGi8 x I4G 2021 INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Mobile app development track) and I can't even imagine the knowledge I stand to gain afterwards. The program is going to last for 8 weeks and obviously, I have expectations which I'll state right after y'all get to know a bit about HNG.
HNG Internship is a virtual internship program created in collaboration with Zuri team for software developers, devOps engineers, designers and entrepreneurs which focuses on the development of the participants by providing mentorship and assigning tasks to them which will help facilitate their growth.
If you want to learn more about HNG and Zuri team as well as the internship program, you can click on the links below to get started:

I've been developing mobile apps for android and IOS for a year now, doing both native and cross-platform app development with Java/Kotlin and Flutter/Dart. Stated below are my goals for this internship:

  • To move from intermediate level to senior level
  • To make connections and network with fellow developers and entrepreneurs
  • To become a better technical writer

By the end of this 8 weeks internship program, I intend to:

  • Complete all the tasks assigned to me, reach the highest stage and win a HNG/ZURI T-Shirt
  • Be exposed to tech companies/organizations for better job opportunities
  • Be qualified to become a mentor in the mobile app developement track for subsequent HNG interns
  • Gain exposure in other relevant tech fields

Finally, I want to let you know that anyone can be a mobile app developer as long as he/she is determined to learn. If you want to start your tech journey to become a mobile app developer, you'll need to check out the following links to get started:

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