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Service Oriented Architecture folder scaffolding, thoughts?

Hi guys, what are your best practices about folder scaffolding for service project?

A common practice I see in many places is to follow the MVC pattern, the same scaffolding that RoR auto generates. But I find it a little bit inconvenient and my solutions don't convince me at 100% all the time. So I made a demo project with the following scaffolding.

+-- config -- Server config files (.yml, .json, .env)
+-- scripts -- all build & deployments scripts
+-- logs -- daily rotatory log files 
+-- src
|   +-- api -- all the service endpoints
|   |   +-- endpoint1
|   |   |   +-- controller.ts
|   |   |   +-- model.ts
|   |   |   +-- routes.ts
|   |   |   +-- specs.ts
|   +-- business -- the business layer (authentication, server audit)
|   +-- components -- (such as loggers, external services consumption)
|   +-- config -- configuration middlewares
|   +-- data -- data layer
|   |   +-- repositories // all repositories needed for api/models
|   |   |   +-- endpoint1Repository.ts
|   |   +-- providers // all data source providers the service could support
|   |   +-- adapters 
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With this approach I have all the logic related to an endpoint in the same folder. But I feel that the repositories are a little bit "far".

What do you guys think? Suggestion?
You can see a demo project here (I did it as a proof of concept and to learn a little bit about Firebase and CircleCI)

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Allan MacGregor 🇨🇦

Since you are taking a service oriented approach using a mono repo seems counter intuitive, but might be the right approach at this stage, remember that eventually toy can break things apart and use git submodules to reference external entities.

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Yes, in the repo I opted to add a client as sub folder but it should be a submodule or subtree. I wanted to point out only if the service scaffolding will be a good base while the service gets more api endpoints.
Thank you for your answer!