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Przemyslaw Michalak
Przemyslaw Michalak

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Anyone free to review my project?

Hey guys, recently we released GlueCodes Framework. Main goals:

It should allow to develop fast loading websites.
It should let us build reactive UIs.
It should be minimalistic and simplistic.
It should let us build apps that scale.
It should let us build a boilerplate that can be easily generated with common tools.

I'll be happy with any kind of feedback :D

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Mike Talbot ⭐

That's a very interesting idea. I can see an audience for that level of support.

My thoughts:

  • Looks clean and smart and l love the discoverability of functionality as you type
  • I get your "replace crap CMS sites" with something "proper" - good plan

My questions:

  • How big is it? The example seems to imply that it is quite a heavy download, but that might have been because it included an actual site as well as the framework.
  • How much support will there be for npm packages for the code and the ability to include other people's componentry?
  • The IDE is online? Seems like it would be hard to edit in a normal editor?
  • Looks like you've built the whole thing including a different way of creating components, could the idea not have benefitted from something like Svelte to handle the coding and focused on the structure and underlying concepts?
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Przemyslaw Michalak

Thank you for your time and feedback. Here is a couple of answers:

  1. This is the core of framework. It's just 168 lines -

  2. We will publish it to NPM once we create documentation.

  3. You can start in our IDE, export your project and carry on with your favourite IDE.

  4. Our components are pure functions returning JSX. Porting from for example React shouldn't be a problem.

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Mike Talbot ⭐

Thanks, fascinating. Code looks super clean and very readable.

On npm I mean - we can benefit from importing npm packages in? You know, some kind of integration with a payment processor or something? Or is this something you do after exporting?

Is it the case then that we build a structure, but once exported it's become a stand alone thing?

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Przemyslaw Michalak

Yes, you can import npm packages in the online IDE by using npkg and after exporting you can freely use NPM or yarn.

And yes, once exported it becomes a stand alone thing.

here is TodoMVC example that would be spited by the IDE:

You can actually visit our website to find out more:

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Santosh Kori

Not free, but like your idea, I just want to help you any manner.

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manish srivastava

why not ... let me check