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How front-end will take a step forward soon?

Before a web developer starts working on a web app he needs to choose what framework to use, set up whole environment with tools like docker and webpack. It's already a lot to do before we start working on actual code. And that's not the end. At some point of our project we going to find out that we are working on something similar to what we worked on before. Another contact form, calendar, login page.

So here is my 3 steps solution:

Framework - that has been developed as part of something bigger. It has to be simple and generic. Assists you in following the simple design rules. It will let you start with a static PoC and notifies you (live) what might need to be customised to turn it into valuable product. Instead of writing glue code all over again, you'll code only what matters i.e. features

IDE - Fully compatible with the framework. It will assist you with repeatable tasks and automate your development processes. No docker, no webpack, no initial setup. Everything done by IDE.

Components - They will let you reuse code to save time and keep your UI consistent. No more writing the same peace of code again. Just use component created by yourself, or one from repository.

Of course is much easier to say than do. That's why we need your support. Visit our framework repository and leave feedback to let us know what do you think about whole idea.

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