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Peter Tasker
Peter Tasker

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People using Go in production, what are you using it for?

I've been looking at learning Go and bit more and seeing what it's all about v.s. PHP, Python, Ruby etc. I know there are a bunch of people using Go, but I'm wondering where it's fitting in everyone's workflow. Are you building full fledged webapps with it? Or are you building microservices for small parts of your API? Lambda functions?

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Benjamin Cable

We use it for micro-services.

We build REST API's that run inside docker containers, deployed and managed via GCP and Kubernetes.

Go is a magnificent language for this purpose. It allows quick and painless deployment (since we only ship a binary), and the development time is also shorter, since the standard library gives us almost everything we need by default.

This means very few third party dependencies, quick and painless development, and very good maintainability (which is KEY).

I've also helped skill-up some of my colleagues moving from PHP to Go, and it was an easy process.

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Peter Tasker Author

Awesome, the switch from a PHP/Javascript background is what I'm looking at now. Any good tutorials you'd recommend?

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Benjamin Cable

I'm going to quote the Gopher bot from the Gophers Slack channel on this one, and I highly recommend you to check it out, since it's a great source of learning and community!

Here are some resources you should check out if you are learning / new to Go:
First you should take the language tour:

Then, you should visit:

There are some awesome websites as well:

There's also an exhaustive list of videos related to Go from various authors.

If you prefer books, you can try these:

If you want to learn how to organize your Go project, make sure to read:
Once you are accustomed to the language and syntax, you can read this series of articles for a walkthrough the various standard library packages:

Finally, will give a list of even more resources to learn Go

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Hey I think one more learning community you missed out, Here it is


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Benjamin Cable

Good shout, I actually didn't know that one! Thanks for the recommendation.

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