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New Command Line Tool to Generate Jupyter Notebook Template Quickly


  • With this tool, you can quickly generate your Jupyter notebook template

  • To install package, type "pip install notelate"

  • To generate notebook template, type "notelate [package name]"

Why I developed this tool

Jupyter notebook or Jupyter lab is very convenient tool to interacting data analysis and machine learning.
However, I have spent a lot of time to just importing major packages(e.g. pandas, numpy) or setting up style to visualize data.

If you google how to work with your template, you can find some ways to to do that.
They need many steps...
So, I developed this tool named "notelate"(notebook+template) to work with notebook template quickly and easily.

How to use it

At First, please install notelate with below command

pip install notelate

After that, you can generate notebook template at your current directory with below command

notelate [package name]

Initially, "basic" and "dark" are installed, so you can test with

notelate basic

That's it!
Now, you realize notelate is really easy!

If you want to know further(e.g. importing your original template), please visit PyPI


Thank you for reading this article.
This source code is available at github.
I would appreciate star or your review.

Enjoy Datascience!

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