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Doodle 0.6.0 Supports Desktop

Doodle is a pure Kotlin UI framework for the Web (and Desktop), that lets you create rich applications without relying on Javascript, HTML or CSS. Check out the documentation and tutorials to learn more.

Highlights include

Desktop Support (Alpha)

Doodle now supports Desktop and leverages Skia for fast, accurate rendering. This means apps can target desktop via the JVM.
Support is still early and not ready for production. There are some missing features--like Accessibility, and others that
are partially implemented (i.e. drag-drop). However, overall support is sufficiently complete to begin testing with. So please
try this out and report bugs.

A key goal for Doodle is to provide as much cross-platform code sharing as possible. That's why Web and Desktop share the same
rendering model, and therefore widgets. All widgets written in common code can be used on both platforms.

  • Desktop and Web share the same rendering model and widgets
  • Apps written in common code can be fully shared between Web and Desktop

Kotlin 1.5.0 Support

Kotlin support has been moved from 1.4.x to 1.5.30.


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