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'elixir' Command

Usage: elixir [options] [.exs file] [data]

General options

  • -e "COMMAND" : Evaluates the given command (*)
  • -h, --help : Prints this message and exits
  • -r "FILE" : Requires the given files/patterns (*)
  • -S SCRIPT : Finds and executes the given script in $PATH
  • -pr "FILE" : Requires the given files/patterns in parallel (*)
  • -pa "PATH" : Prepends the given path to Erlang code path (*)
  • -pz "PATH" : Appends the given path to Erlang code path (*)
  • -v / --version : Prints Elixir version and exits
  • --app APP : Starts the given app and its dependencies (*)
  • --erl "SWITCHES" : Switches to be passed down to Erlang (*)
  • --eval "COMMAND" : Evaluates the given command, same as -e (*)
  • --logger-otp-reports BOOL : Enables or disables OTP reporting
  • --logger-sasl-reports BOOL : Enables or disables SASL reporting
  • --no-halt : Does not halt the Erlang VM after execution
  • --werl : Uses Erlang's Windows shell GUI (Windows only)

Options given after the .exs file or -- are passed down to the executed code.
Options can be passed to the Erlang runtime using $ELIXIR_ERL_OPTIONS or --erl.

Distribution options

The following options are related to node distribution.

  • --cookie COOKIE : Sets a cookie for this distributed node
  • --hidden : Makes a hidden node
  • --name NAME : Makes and assigns a name to the distributed node
  • --rpc-eval NODE "COMMAND" : Evaluates the given command on the given remote node (*)
  • --sname NAME : Makes and assigns a short name to the distributed node

Release options

The following options are generally used under releases.

  • --boot "FILE" : Uses the given FILE.boot to start the system
  • --boot-var VAR "VALUE" : Makes $VAR available as VALUE to FILE.boot (*)
  • --erl-config "FILE" : Loads configuration in FILE.config written in Erlang (*)
  • --pipe-to "PIPEDIR" "LOGDIR" : Starts the Erlang VM as a named PIPEDIR and LOGDIR
  • --vm-args "FILE" : Passes the contents in file as arguments to the VM

--pipe-to starts Elixir detached from console (Unix-like only).
It will attempt to create PIPEDIR and LOGDIR if they don't exist.
See run_erl to learn more. To reattach, run: to_erl PIPEDIR.

** Options marked with (*) can be given more than once.

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