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I Made a Python Package! - py-everything

What - A Python Package?

Alright, don't be upset, I know I didn't write for the past fortnight, but I am back. And this article is the reason, I couldn't write. I made a python package, Yes, you heard it right. I am still developing it. I released its first Stable release - v1.1.1, but there's still a lot left and they will come soon. I just wanted to keep you guys updated so, I am writing this. Maybe, in the future I'll let you know, when I complete it.

But Why?

There's not really a "why?", here. It's just that I wanted, people could more easily. I know, Python is easy, but it could be easier. And that really, ends there.

Can I use it? If yes, then how?

Of course, it is to be downloaded. It is made to be used. there are currently 3 three releases of the package released. But all except the latest one is broken. So I would suggest, you to use this command to install it -

$ pip install py-everything==1.1.1

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What is it? and What does it do?

So, here are the interesting bits. This package does not do anything in particular, just like it's name - py- everything , it does everything. At least it aims to. And I hope it does that. I want it to be a library that does everything,simple calculations, email bots, file encryption, using other libraries, everything. So, you will be thinking, but that would take me ages to make, and you are correct. So, why don't you help me. Yes, you can contribute to the package on github. And, one more thing, if you are using it now, you are on your own, since the documentation is still not finished. But, it will be soon. If you want to contribute, check the links below!

The End

And, we've reached the end. Well, tell me your thoughts about this and any future article. Maybe, I could write one on how to publish a package on PyPI


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