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Unofficial Python Binaries - What is it?

Your Support was amazing! 💣

Thanks for such great support on my previous post! It was awesome and amazing! And since you requested this post, here it is! Keep it up!

So, what is Unofficial Python Binaries?!

Well, when I first tried to install PyInstaller, it just failed to build the wheel! I got frustrated! I always searched for a solution - YouTube, Google, SO, whatnot! And then I came across this website - And then I started searching for PyInstaller. I found it, downloaded it, tried installing using pip - and guess what, that worked! And since then I use this website for any python library that fails for some reason!

Why, use it, though?

Well, this website has built wheels for almost any package! Not Enough? It has wheels for all versions of python ranging from 2.7 - 3.9, based on which the package supports! Not Enough, still? It also has 32-bit and 64-bit wheels for most packages and versions. And if not happy yet, go check out the website yourself! They also, have all tools and environments used listed there!

Just a NOTE

NOTE - The website is a bare-bones HTML file! It does not look pretty at all. It contains thousands of direct download links.

And, that's kind of it, actually!

Well, there is nothing more about this I have to say! If you find the website useful let me know by liking the post! Thanks! and byeeeeeeee!

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