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PyLadies Dublin new landing page

[UPDATE: 2020-07-02] It works now! Big thanks to PyLadies for quick response, especially Lynn Root πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ -

PyLadies Dublin domain forwarding not working anymore...

So I realised in the last day or so that (when I was checking the links for my monthly newsletter for Coding Grace) that it doesn't redirect to anymore. πŸ˜“

Alt Text

I wonder how long that was broken? πŸ€”

Pinged PyLadies support hoping it was a quick fix as I was forwarding the domain to meetup. And nope, the issue wasn't as simple as it seems.

You might be wondering why I'm forwarding it to meetup instead of it having its own proper website? Well, since PyLadies Dublin inception, that is 2013, I asked the members would they like to build a website with Python (e.g. Django, Flask, etc)? And the consensus was "yes!.

It had a couple of false starts but nothing came out of it and I left it alone as it wasn't broke!

So... now it's broke... πŸ˜“

Anyway, logged my ticket with PyLadies, have a thread going on Pyladies support on the official PyLadies slack. You should join if you haven't, great group πŸ₯°, great resources and support 🌈. * hint hint *

I assumed that meetup has been making a lot of changes and reducing features, so I assumed the API has been b0rked. I was thinking of getting it redirected back to official PyLadies site where Dublin has a page, but the meetup widget seems broken... and also I haven't updated that page at all! The widget was confirmed by one of the PyLadies that it wasn't working since last August as they shelved the v2 of their API.

I need a solution... stat!

Anyhoo... what I ended up doing was quickly do up a github page. It's quick and easy via its instructions (I've made a few github pages in the past for 1-page landing sites for various events like IrishGeeks Table Quiz).

For this 1-page landing site, I needed:-

  • index.html
  • styles.css
  • a logo

Oh and for a bit of styling:

So after a quick tapity-tap, created the landing page and keeping the style simple, the single page has:-

  • PyLadies Dublin logo
  • About
    • who are we
    • what do we do
    • who's on the team
    • where to find us (social media, youtube, vimeo)
    • contact dets
  • Link to the PyLadies Dublin Meetup Page
  • Added a twitter feed
  • And most importantly, the Code of Conduct

Committed my changes and pushed back to the master.


The next step to make it come alive

It's great looking at it locally, now to it needs to come alive online.

Github has good instructions on managing your custom domain name for your github pages.


So I did that part and updated my custom domain on my github repo in settings.

Then pinged PyLadies support on slack to tell them what I did, and asked for them to update their DNS records for my domain.

Now I just have to sit and wait & see (cos it's also my bedtime now πŸ˜ͺ). 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼

P.S.: I will update when it's all done and successful. πŸ˜‰

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