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PyLadies Global Chapter Websites

This is related to PyLadies Dublin website, and I think it stemmed from my initial problem of domain not forwarding to right place and setting up my landing page.

PyLadies kickstarted a big tidy and asked its community to add their chapter to the new PyLadies Chapter website as a submodule on github.

If you run PyLadies and are not on PyLadies slack, you should join it and check out #project-tech-infra channel!

You can find information on how to add your chapter's website to PyLadies Chapter website here:

GitHub logo pyladies / chapter-websites

Repo of all the PyLadies chapter websites submodules

PyLadies Chapter Websites

Request a PyLadies chapter repository

To start you'll need to open an issue in this repository providing:

  • PyLadies chapter name
  • Confirm you have registered your PyLadies chapter in the chapter directory
  • GitHub handle(s) of the chapter organizers
  • URL for your custom domain (e.g. or

You'll be provided a PyLadies organization repository (e.g. PyLadies Chicago) and be setup in a PyLadies team with proper publishing permissions.

What to include in your PyLadies page

Some ideas of content to include on your page:

  • Play with the Meetup API to show your upcoming events, number of members, etc
  • Play with the Twitter API to show your group's latest tweets
  • A chapter blog
  • anything!

Bootstrap with PyLadies templates

We've started adding templates into the pyladies organization you can use by clicking the Use this template button. Existing templates include:


Example of adding PyLadies Dublin's submodule

Here's the PyLadies Dublin issue (don't do what I did, fill it out and didn't submit, and have to fill it out again as I closed the tab when Lorena from PyLadies asked about filling an issue. 😓 Heh, these things happen):

Requesting a new PyLadies Chapter website: PyLadies Dublin #11

This template should be used for those requiring a new PyLadies website.

What is the name of the PyLadies chapter requesting the website?

PyLadies Dublin

What is the custom domain desired for the PyLadies chapter website?

Already have one:

What are the GitHub handles of the PyLadies chapter organizers?

Name | GitHub Handle | Slack Handle | Team Role | Vicky Twomey-Lee | @whykay | @whykay - PyLadies Dublin | Organiser |

Do you want your website to use one of the following templates or do you prefer it to be blank?

Where will you host the website?

  • [X] GitHub Pages
  • [ ] Heroku
  • [ ] Netlify
  • [ ] Other: [Please specify as this is needed for @pyladies/tech-and-infra-admins to setup the DNS record accordingly]

Issue checklist

For the author to complete:

For the @pyladies/tech-and-infra-admins to complete:

  • [ ] Insert link to repo:
  • [ ] Is the custom domain created?
  • [ ] Are the organizers added to a PyLadies team with proper permissions for the repo? Insert name of the team:
  • [ ] Is the GitHub team added to the repo with maintain permissions?

/cc @pyladies/tech-and-infra-admins

And here's my pull request:

Add dublin module for PyLadies Dublin website #10

PyLadies Pull Request

Please document the following. We will aim to be as timely as possible in processing your pull request, however as this is a volunteer staffed project anticipate at least a week for pull requests to start to be reviewed.

Does this PyLadies previously exist in the main PyLadies repo?

  • [ ] Yes
  • [X] No

If you marked yes, have you deleted it from the the main PyLadies repo?

  • [ ] Yes, and here is the pull request: [Insert pull request url here]
  • [ ] No

Is this pull requesting adding a PyLadies chapter website?

  • [X] Yes
  • [ ] No

If you marked yes, is this chapter registered in the PyLadies Chapter Directory?

  • [X] Yes
  • [ ] No

If you marked no, please register your chapter using the following form here. The form can only be accessed by being logged into your official PyLadies email account. Were you able to complete the registration?

  • [ ] Yes
  • [ ] No, I could not because [add response below]:

Is this pull request updating a PyLadies website?

  • [X] Yes
  • [ ] No

Pull Request Checklist

  • [X] Fill out all sections above

/cc @pyladies/tech-and-infra-admins

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