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Looking for a remote Python Job? This might help...

If you are like me, you might be sick of wasting hours searching for remote developer jobs.

To solve this problem for myself, I created a system which summarises and aggregates all of the latest remote Python jobs.

But then I thought, this could be useful for others as well. So I bundled it up into a weekly newsletter and there are already over 200 Python developers using the newsletter to help find their next job!

So rather than spending precious time scouring over dozens of job boards, each week you can receive a simple email with all of the latest 100% remote Python jobs in it.

It's 100% free and you can opt out at any time.

If you aren't sure this is for you, you can check out one of the past newsletters here 👉

And if this looks like it is something which might be useful, you can sign up here 👉

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Stefan Wuthrich

This project seams to be offline.

A great alternative for OnSite and Remote Python Jobs