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Hamza Ahmad
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Launched my first product on Product hunt

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I have been doing web development for the last 4 years and I have seen a wave of new tools that make development easier and more fun. Though development is a tedious task and consumes a lot of time still there are so many resources that make it simpler or should I say try to make it simpler. Following the same stream, I decided to develop a tool that would save developer’s time and make coding easier. During my time coding I have always used VS Code so I do have this soft corner for it. Naturally I decided to make a tool for VS Code users. After doing some research and many failed tests with my team, blox was born. blox is a VS Code extension that has pre-made UI components in it. Currently blox has more than 1500 UI components and 250 of them are free. We are now planning to launch blox on product hunt to present this tool to a larger audience with very high hopes. We as a team believe that the more exposure this tool gets, the more it will improve.

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