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Do you friends work with you?

qangdev profile image qangdev ・1 min read

At first I thought I would be easier to work with friends because we are closed. Everything is going to be easy, we can talk through problems

Turns out, the relationship between us is the big thing that causes problems more than I think. If I'm too straight about a mistake that my friends keep doing it and cause problem I have to fix, then it will hurts the relationship which I don't want it either.

I can solve problem with code but can not use

I have working with 2 of my friends from university. Today I feel pretty depressed.

Are you facing some similar problems like me?
Does anyone can give some advice?


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Would suggest having a casual discussion with them. If they are friends tell them the problem you are facing, if they listen good. If not, try try again. Because if you are fixing their mistakes then when are you working on your tasks ? At work draw your boundaries, end of the day you are being paid to do your work.