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How to choose the right database?

rphilogene profile image Romaric Philogène github logo ・1 min read

Hello the community,

I'm hosting an online event called "As a developer, how to choose the right database?" - From my experience as an SRE and backend developer, I've noticed that choosing a database is not necessarily easy for everyone. With my colleague Pierre (CTO @ Qovery, ex SRE Criteo & Red Hat), we propose a small webinar to give you an overview of what exists in SQL and NoSQL databases. We will cover MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Redis and others... If you are interested in participating you can register here

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Recently, I am more concerned about

  • Relational
  • Speed bottlenecks, especially in complex queries
  • Maintenance and Ease of learning
  • Price (Free tier? Pay on the go?)
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